Brace yourselves, winter is coming! And no, Jon Snow can’t save you—but these 10 smokin’ tips can! Get ready to winterize your crib like a pro, all while saving your hard-earned cash (more money for holiday eggnog, am I right?).
1. Close That Shut-Off Valve!
Let’s start with something steamy: water pipes! Turn off the exterior water shut-off valve because nobody wants a frozen pipe surprise.
2. Seal Those Gaps, Wink Wink
Insulate your windows and doors. It’s like putting a warm sweater on your house; only less itchy.
3. Furnace Check-Up
Your furnace needs some TLC too. Consider this its yearly physical, but less awkward.
4. Gutter Talk
Clean those gutters like you’re searching for hidden treasure. Spoiler: the treasure is not having water damage.
5. Wrap Your Pipes
Not in a rap battle way. Insulate them to prevent the dreaded freeze-and-burst combo.
6. Fan Flip
Reverse your ceiling fans. It’s like twerking for your HVAC system—helps spread the warmth all around!
7. Get Smart (Thermostat)
Welcome to the 21st century, where even your thermostat is smarter than that guy who still doesn’t believe in climate change.
8. Safety Check
Make sure your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are working. It’s the adult version of checking for monsters under the bed.
9. Venting Session
Check those exterior vents. Blocked vents can make your home stuffier than a Thanksgiving turkey.
10. Winter Swag Bag
Stock up on salt, shovels, and whatever else makes you feel like a winter warrior.
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Put on your wool socks and let’s conquer winter, Toronto-style!