The Open Concept Kitchen.

A Toronto Staple for Modern Living.

As the skyline of Toronto stretches ever upwards, so too do its residential interiors reach for new heights of style and functionality. The concept of open-plan living has taken the city by storm, with open concept kitchen and living room designs leading the charge in modern home renovation.


Why customers love their Open Concept Reno.

Our basement renovations include 3D plans and finishing options for every style and budget, curated by top interior designers who bring only the best ideas.

Homestars Reno Rocket Award 2021
We had an outstanding experience with Reno Rocket during our basement renovation. Their attention to detail and dedication to delivering exceptional results truly exceeded our expectations. From the stunning glass railing on the stairs to the innovative enclosed glass wine rack with dual doors, every custom feature was executed flawlessly.Despite encountering a few delays with some contractors, the team at Reno Rocket kept us informed every step of the way, ensuring transparency and clear communication throughout the process. Domenic, Elias, Samuel, and Segal were an absolute pleasure to work with, demonstrating professionalism and expertise at every turn.Thanks to their meticulous planning and utilization of available space, our dream basement, complete with a bar, entertainment room, and gaming area, has now become a reality. We wholeheartedly recommend Reno Rocket to anyone seeking a professional crew for their basement project. Thank you for making our vision come to life!
Ivana A.
Sam did an excellent job for our basement! We had hired renorockets to re-imagine the layout to make space for a laundry room and unlock space. I was impressed by the creative thinking, responsiveness and efficient excution of our project. Thank you so much! We will definitly keep your team in mind for our next project.
Kartikeya P.
More than happy with Reno Rocket services, Samuel Pulido and team were professional from beginning to end. Will definitely recommend their services to friends and relatives
Jaime M.
Great service, price and work quality. I dealt with Samuel and super happy with his professionalism, support and service!
Gustavo A.
We recently undertook a home renovation project with Reno Rocket, and the entire experience exceeded our expectations. From the initial consultation to the final touches, their team demonstrated professionalism, attention to detail, and superb craftsmanship. The communication was seamless, deadlines were met, and any unexpected issues were addressed promptly. Our home now looks stunning, thanks to their expertise. Highly recommend Reno Rocket for any renovation needs!
Thomas B
Reno Rocket has set itself apart as a standout company, not only for their high-level service during the renovation but also in the aftermath. The team's level of skill, organization, and their genuine, enjoyable approach to the work make them truly unique in their field.A heartfelt thank you extends to Domenic for infusing our project with his insightful perspective and visionary design contributions. His ability to enlist the expertise of top-notch contractors, addressing issues showcased a commitment to perfection that exceeded our expectations.We also want to express our sincere gratitude to John, who treated our home with the utmost care and attention, as if it were his own. His dedication and conscientious efforts contributed significantly to the overall success of the renovation.In reflecting on this experience, we would like to extend our appreciation to the entire Reno Rocket team. Your collective efforts have turned our vision into reality, and we are grateful for the outstanding craftsmanship, professionalism, and genuine care you bring to every project.With thanks,Tony and Amanda
Antonio De S.
We're not big on leaving reviews, but our experience with Reno Rocket was genuinely positive and worth sharing.We were looking into renovating our investment property, worn out from having multiple tenants. Checked out a few companies, each with their pros, but we went with Domenic and Reno Rocket. Domenic, being a realtor and contractor, seemed like the right fit for us – he knows his stuff.From the initial quote to the end of construction, Domenic was thorough and responsive. The whole team, from the design consultants to the engineers and tradespeople, were fantastic. Professional and dedicated to making sure we had a good experience.Now, we've got them lined up for our home reno in spring 2024. We'll update once it's done, but we're pretty confident it'll be just as smooth. Thanks to Dom and the entire Reno Rocket team! Appreciate the great work!
Michael C.
Reno Rocket did an awesome job transforming my basement in Mississauga! They hooked me up with a killer wet bar and this amazing feature wall with wood slats and an electric fireplace that took the space to a whole new level!!!Now, it's not just a storage dump LOL ... the transformation of my basement has not only increased the overall value of my home but has also significantly improved the quality of the space, turning it into a cozy retreat for both intimate family moments and lively social gatherings. I am extremely satisfied with the results and would not hesitate to recommend Reno Rocket to anyone looking for a reliable and creative team for their home improvement projects. If you're looking to upgrade your space, Reno Rocket's the way to go guysss!!
Silvia C.
Mojdah A.
I am very happy with my home renovation it was open concept kitchen the team was excellent and I love ❤️ the outcome and design
Johanny L.
I met Domenic through a colleague who spoke highly of his distinctive expertise as a realtor-contractor. From the outset, he exhibited remarkable patience, guiding me through various properties with renovation potential until we found the ideal home for a transformation. We secured a great price at the time and an extended closing period.With Domenic's guidance and the support of his design team, we navigated through the permit process, and by May, construction was underway. The extensive remodel was not only our entire home but also included the creation of a basement apartment, now thriving on Airbnb (a nod of gratitude to Domenic for that brilliant suggestion 😉).Domenic's choice of collaborators through Reno Rocket was nothing short of exceptional. From the interior designers to the framing team, painters, carpenters, and beyond, each member showcased skill and dedication. Their collective effort transformed our vision into a reality that surpassed our expectations. We still can’t believe we get to live here!For anyone seeking a team of competent and qualified professionals, I wholeheartedly recommend reaching out to Domenic. The commitment to excellence, coupled with a seamless blend of real estate and construction expertise, makes them a unique and standout choice for sure.David and Ken
Davide P.
Would highly recommend.
Gregory O.
I found RenoRocket on google after being disappointed by other vendors who had come in to quote. I was looking to partner with a company who would understand my needs, be open to feedback and communicate well. It was about the relationship and RR delivered. From my first phone call, to the sales visit, to designing the project I was reassured we made the right choice. A project of this scale will not comeWithout hurdles but there was never any conflict, blaming, or animosity. Each issue was resolved maturely, calmly and with open communication. I’ve had work done around the house before but the team at RR is definitely the nicest folks I’ve worked with. We love our basement and our vision came to life as expected. Would definitely work with them again without a second thought.
Vidhi H
Fantastic service; they provided an excellent recommendation, and the execution was perfect.I have done 4 renos in my house and this one was by far our best experience; 100% recommended
Ricardo P.
We have recently made our basement ( personal use) with Reno rocket. They are amazing. Every person that came to our house is professional, always on time they are very responsive to any of our concerns or questions. They have a wonderful team and I would definitely recommend this company for any kind of renovation they do kitchen bathroom basement.
Amna P.
We recently completed our basement renovation with Reno Rocket. From start to finish they have been thorough, honest and cared about the quality of workmanship. We’re SO happy with the end result and would hire them again.
Karen B.
We had a great experience with them. We fired a previous contractor, and these guys saved our reno. They were upfront about timeline and cost, and the standard of finish was excellent. We have small kids, and everyone they brought through was kind and patient as well.
Adam K.
Elias and the team do great work, great guys.
Serguei M.
Reno Rocket did some renovations in my home related to previous water damage. They did an accurate and fair assessment of the situation. They explained what to expect before starting the job and there were no negative surprises. They were on time starting and finishing, which is not something that you hear every day with other contractors. Their execution was surgically clean and the results were impeccable. I have no reservations to recommend them to anyone.
Pablo K.
100% recommended. Great work and great service at a reasonable cost.
Leonardo H.
Domenic C.
Big thank you to John, Domenic and the Rocket crew for renovating our bathrooms. True pros, unbelievable cleanliness and super design savvy. My wife is ecstatic!
Dave G.
Excellent design and materials. I used them for my shared bathroom and will hire them again.
Chauchy R.
Had our basement done before Christmas. Great team, quality and design. Will definitely recommend and use for future projects.
Carlo L
Elias and his team renovated our gym and completed a very clean and professional job. On time which is very rare in this industry.they also provided great advices and things we did not think about that made a huge difference. Our business is striving even more !thank you Reno Rocket !
FloFit A.
I’m very happy with the work of this company, they are responsible people, very professional and the work is of excellent quality!!!
Laura Camila P.
Very polite guys before and after doing business! Then excellent Reno job in my basement. Thanks guys!
Jhoann Montes de O.
Easy to work with and straightforward people, will recommend to others in future for sure. They exceeded my expectations. Elias and Dom educated me in great extend to maintain basement in mint condition for the years to come, thanks!
Jorge P.
Excellent company. Very serious people. Good price and quality. I strongly recommend it! They did my bathroom renovation and it looks awesome . Finished on the estimated time. Just a few reno companies pay attention to little details like this one.
Samuel P.
Reno did such a good job in my basement. He is very responsible and hardworking.100% recommended
Roberth W.
Nothing but great things to say about this company! They did a kitchen renovation plus paint for my apartment and I was extremely happy with the results. The crew is professional, VERY clean, well educated, responsible and always willing to give the best suggestions that will fit with your needs. They worked quickly and carefully as well as efficiently. I would definitely recommend to anyone looking for work done inside and outside their homes.
Marilena P.
11/10 extraordinary service. Would highly recommend it!
Gabriel C.
Great attention to detail! They made my remodelation process very smooth. I'll use them for my next project
Maria G.
Topaasi E.
Great service! very professional and excellent quality!Highly recommended !!
Dionisio R.
Great renovation work.The services of this company is amazing and very helpful.Keep the hard work
Andres Alejandro Jatar G.
excellent service! would use reno again to do my others renovations
Victoria Sofia Reyes J
Amazing service. A very professional and helpful team.
Great services. Would highly recommend this company again!
Beatriz F.
best construction company ever!! you made my dream come true! my kitchen is looking gorgeous thanks to all the professionals that put they best effort to creat the kitchen of my dreams!!! thanks to reno rocket now I can invite some friends and family to enjoy and spend time together cooking with my lovely kitchen!!
Julie F.

Crafting Multi-Functional Spaces in Toronto Homes.

In Toronto’s diverse neighborhoods, the open concept kitchen is not just a fleeting trend; it’s a testament to a lifestyle that celebrates openness and connectivity. Whether it’s a modern small open plan kitchen living room or a more spacious layout, these designs are redefining what it means to live in Canada’s urban gem. These spaces are not only a place for meal preparation but serve as the hub of the home, where conversations flow as freely as the layout itself. 
Reno Rocket Open Concept Project Toronto

Integrating Dining with Design: The Open Concept Kitchen and Dining Room.

The kitchen and dining room open concept style has revolutionized how Torontonians entertain and interact. By merging these two areas, open concept kitchen dining rooms become the heart of the home, where families gather and memories are made. These spaces are bathed in natural light from large windows, showcasing the modern design and increasing the sense of space.

Seamless Transitions: Merging Kitchens with Living Spaces.

Open concept kitchen and living room floor plans offer a fluid transition between cooking, dining, and relaxing. In Toronto’s bustling city life, open concept living and kitchen areas provide a sanctuary where every square foot is optimized for both comfort and functionality. These open spaces encourage a new kind of interaction among residents, with fewer barriers to communication and movement.

Renovating for Openness: Open Concept Living Room and Kitchen Makeovers.

Embrace the trend of open concept kitchen living room renovations that Toronto’s top interior designers are championing. These renovations promise not only to open up your home but also to elevate your lifestyle. Such makeovers can include removing walls to create a more inclusive space where the family can be together, even when involved in different activities.

Open Concept Living and Dining: A Cultural Shift.

Open concept living dining areas reflect Toronto’s forward-thinking culture—welcoming, inclusive, and dynamic. Open concept living and kitchen spaces are not just design choices; they are where Toronto’s heart beats the loudest. This cultural shift is seen in the way new homes are being designed and older homes are being remodeled, making open spaces a quintessential element of Toronto’s lifestyle.

The Future of Urban Living.

Embracing Openness in Toronto.

Toronto’s adoption of open concept living spaces, particularly in the seamless integration of kitchens and living rooms, exemplifies the city’s innovative spirit. As we redefine our living spaces, these open concept designs stand as a testament to living without barriers, echoing the city’s skyline that reaches for the stars, reflecting the open, limitless potential of its residents.

5 Crucial Factors to Consider for Your Open Concept Kitchen Renovation.

When considering a renovation to create an open concept kitchen in your Toronto home, there are several critical factors to keep in mind.

Here’s what you should consider to ensure your space meets your needs and remains functional and stylish:

1. Structural Considerations for Open Concept Designs Before diving into the aesthetic aspects, it’s essential to address the structural implications of removing walls to create an open concept space. Load-bearing walls are often a concern, and their removal must be done by professionals. Reno Rocket specializes in load-bearing wall removal, ensuring your open concept kitchen and dining room not only looks great but is also structurally sound.

2. The Flow of Space An open concept kitchen should seamlessly integrate with living and dining areas. This means considering the flow of space throughout your home. How will the kitchen area transition into the dining room and living room? Reno Rocket’s expertise in open concept kitchen living room floor plans will guide you in creating a cohesive and functional layout.

3. Lighting and Ventilation An open concept space relies on good lighting and ventilation. Modern small open plan kitchen living room designs can feel cramped without proper lighting. Incorporate multiple lighting sources and consider how natural light will play into your space. Additionally, good ventilation becomes crucial when kitchen smells are no longer contained within a closed room.

4. Acoustics and Sound Control One of the often-overlooked aspects of open concept living is sound travel. Without walls to contain noise, sound can echo and amplify. Consider materials and design solutions that help absorb and mitigate noise, such as acoustic panels or soft furnishings, to maintain a comfortable atmosphere.

5. Consistency in Design With open concept living and dining, it’s vital to have a consistent design theme to tie the areas together. Whether you’re aiming for a sleek, modern look or a warm, rustic feel, the design elements should be harmonious. Reno Rocket’s design philosophy ensures that your open concept living kitchen not only blends in aesthetics but also maintains functionality and style.

Open concept kitchens can revolutionize your home, offering a blend of beauty, openness, and social connectedness. However, these considerations are crucial to achieving a space that meets all your needs. With Reno Rocket’s expertise, your journey toward a stunning open concept kitchen in Toronto is just a consultation away.

Reno Rocket Open Concept Project Toronto 46


A Dream Kitchen Turned Reality.

“When we first reached out to Reno Rocket, we had only a vague idea of wanting an open concept for our dated kitchen. Their team not only brought our vision to life but enhanced it in ways we couldn’t have imagined. Now, our kitchen is not just a cooking space but the heart of our home, where life unfolds in the most beautiful way. We can’t thank the Reno Rocket team enough for their professionalism and the personal touch they brought to our project.

– The Thompsons, Toronto.”

From Segmented to Seamless Living Spaces.

“Reno Rocket mastered the art of transformation in our home. We wanted to remove walls between our kitchen and living room, and they handled the structural challenges like the pros they are. Every step of the way, we felt in safe hands, and the result is a living space that’s as functional as it is stunning. They didn’t just renovate our home; they revolutionized how we live.

– Michael & Sarah, Etobicoke.”

The Ultimate Open Concept Overhaul.

“Living in downtown Toronto, space is a luxury. Reno Rocket took our cramped rooms and created an expansive open concept living area that feels triple the size. Their use of modern design while maintaining the integrity of our home’s character was impeccable. If you’re thinking open concept, think Reno Rocket.

– Jason, Downtown Toronto.”

Structural Expertise Meets Design Elegance.

“We knew that removing load-bearing walls could be risky, but Reno Rocket’s expertise gave us confidence. They navigated the permits, handled the construction, and delivered an open concept living space that’s both safe and beautiful. Our dinner parties have never been better, thanks to the flow and function they designed.

– Emma and Luca, North York.”

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