Thinking of Renovating? Get Pre-Qualified in

We’ve partnered with Financeit® to provide simple, open home improvement loans with fixed payments and no annual fees. Get pre-qualified now and receive no payments and no interest for 3 months. With Reno Rocket™, renovating your home is now easier and more affordable than ever.

Avoid costly credit cards

Keep saving your savings

Protect your home equity

House Painting
from $40 bi-weekly
New Kitchens
from $112 bi-weekly
Smooth Ceilings
from $33 bi-weekly
Finished Basements
from $180 bi-weekly
Powder Room
from $28 bi-weekly
Crown Moulding
from $23 bi-weekly
Master Bathroom
from $110 bi-weekly
Rental Basements
from $240 bi-weekly

Separate Entrance

from $98 bi-weekly

Main Bathrooms

from $78 bi-weekly


from $20 bi-weekly

Wet Bar

from $39 bi-weekly

A More Affordable Option.


Reno Rocket does not leave until the job is complete, which means our work and your satisfaction are always guaranteed. Keep saving your savings and let us take the stress out of the renovation process with
high-quality reliable work and low affordable payments.

Get pre-approved in seconds with no obligation and no commitment. Or speak to your Reno Rocket lead when you start your process to learn more about this opportunity.

Financing FAQ.

01 What’s the catch?
No catch. Our payment plans have no hidden fees or sneaky payment terms. You’ll know up front if your payment plan carries a small cost. There are no customer fees for residents of Quebec.
02 How can you apply for a payment plan?
You have to apply through a business that offers Financeit. The Financeit-approved business will help you apply for a payment plan in person or they’ll send you a private application link so that you can apply on your own.
03 How can you get approved for a payment plan?
Financeit pre-approves applicants based on their credit reports. If your application is declined, there are alternate steps that you can take to get approved. Adding a co-borrower or providing proof of income are potential options.
04 How do you make payments?
Once you’re approved and your payment frequency is set, automatic payments will be withdrawn from your bank account. There are no penalties or fees for early repayment. If you’d like to make a lump sum payment or pay off your balance in full, please contact our customer service team at 1 888 536 3025.
05 What will your interest rate be?
Our interest rates vary depending on the size of your payment plan, the details of your credit report, and the type of product or project you’ve purchased.
Interest rates typically range between 6.99% and 14.99%* – competitive with most credit cards. We never charge backdated interest.
06 How long will you be making payments?
Amortization periods can vary, and depend on the size of your payment plan, the details of your credit report, and the type of product or project you’ve purchased.
07 What documents will you need to provide?
You’ll need a piece of government-issued photo ID, and a void personal cheque to set up automated debit payments. In some cases you may need to provide proof of income.
08 How is your privacy protected?
We take your privacy very seriously. Our product uses best-in-class encryption to ensure that your data is protected. To know more about how we treat your personal information, read our Privacy Policy.